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L2 薰衣草小镇之旅(从阿维尼翁出发)





我们将带您探索几个普罗旺斯-吕贝隆地区最美丽的村庄。首先我们将前往红土城Rousillon——拥有美丽外墙色彩的小村庄和天然赭石峭壁;之后我们会在石头城Gordes狭窄的石子小路上漫步,这座“栖息”在悬崖边上的小村庄为人们提供了俯瞰周边山谷全景的绝佳视角;之后我们会参观当地的橄榄油磨房并品尝相关的特色食品;最后我们将前往泉水小镇 Fontaine de Vaucluse,在巨大的梧桐树荫下散步,欣赏它令人赞叹的涌自地底深处,如翡翠般清澈见底的泉水。



Who's joining?

12岁以下的儿童, 儿童 – 2岁以下, 成年人 – 12岁以后

Useful informations for your tour in Provence!

The pickup for a regular tour is in front of the Tourist Office of Aix-en-Provence or Avignon, please be ahead of the meeting time by 15 minutes.

Regular Tours require 2 persons, and are only available according to availability displayed on the front page of the website. Usually between 1st april to 31th octobre for Aix-en-Provence and from 1st june to 31th august for Avignon.

Please inform us about the context of your tour! E.g. special notes, be it technical (allergy, transportation needs, special informations…) or for a special occasion (Wedding anniversary or event, etc.). We may surprise you!

Adults = more than 12 years old

Children = between 2 and 12 years old, half-price

Small children (babies) = under 2 years old, free

Children can’t be alone for a tour, they always need to be with an adult, or after 14 years old, have a signed discharge from a legal representant.

You can not book a tour online for the same day or the day after (D or D+1), please call us directly at +33 (0)6 65 12 60 67 (before 6pm local time if possible) if needed.

For booking, a deposit of 20 % of the total amount is required. The balance will be paid in cash the same day. Prices are in Euro VAT.

All our guides talk at least english and french.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Included: Sightseeing, Transfer and Parking

Excluded: Lunch, drinks (except if stated otherwise in the offer, like for wine tasting). Entrance fees to monuments and sites of visit Personal expenses, Mini-cruise fee, purchases and tips

The company cannot be held responsible on the public space for her clients, as well as getting on or off the vehicles. Robbery of personal effects/luggage is excluded from the insurance of the company for her customers.



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Excerpt of terms:

You can’t book online for tours starting the day after. You can call us directly at +33 (0)6 65 12 60 67 (before 6pm local french time, CEST) or send an email at contact@occitania-provence-tours.com to inquire the possibility of booking for day+1.

Cancellations fees

Less than 24 hours before departure ; 40% of tour price.

Same day: 100 % of tour price